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Advertising is an important aspect of any business. If a product or service doesn't have a presence on the network or is not marketed properly, itís equivalent to not having that at all in the first place! In this age of globalization a good service, gadget or app must be marketed properly to reach target audience in many countries. Your advertising material (videos, brochures, pamphlets) must be translated into target languages of your target audience/countries. Erudite Translators bridges the language-gap by providing the best translation and localisation services for your advertising material.
Agriculture and farming sector along with forestry and fisheries employ the majority of work force in developing countries. If you have an agro based product, or have some text which must be made accessible to people engaged in farming and agro industries in their native language, Erudite Translators can be a one stop solution to all your translation needs. Our linguists have first hand knowledge in the agriculture industry. They have even garnered good knowledge even in the niche fields such as farm management, pesticides, crop science, farm machinery, dairy farming, nutritional labeling, agrobiotechnology, etc. Don;t hesitate to contact us to know more about our services in Agro domain.
Automobile & Automotive
The automobile and automotive industry is one of the world's most important economic sector in terms of revenue. The fast paced industrial developments in Asia and Latin America has opened up big untamed markets for this sector. The already established auto players in countries like Japan, South Korea, and Germany have started making huge investments in the developing countries to make and expand their presence in these developing markets and to exploit the huge opportunity thrown open in this era of globalization. Automobile industry is marked with constant mergers and takeovers. Through our myriad partnerships with automobile players. we at Erudite Translators have acquired unparalleled skills in the automotive translations. We have translated for clients such as Audi, Skoda, Maruti, Honda, Hero, etc. Be it technical manuals, dealer documentation, repair manuals, BOMs, safety instructions, or anything else related to automotive industry, we provide best translation and localization services to our clients.
In this age of internet, people want to study online. Virtual classrooms are very much in demand. Such sort of online teaching require multilingual communication platforms along with the multilingual coursework to cater clients who speak different languages. Erudite Translators assists in developing the relevant coursework by providing industry specific experts. Moreover, we provide multilingual chat platforms to help communicate in virtual chat rooms. We also provide language support to make your coursework available in various workd languages.
Erudite Translators provides comprehensive multilingual support to energy industry. We have been working with many industry leaders in the power generation sector - such as Alstom, Suzlon. Moreover, we have catered translation services to many EPC leaders as well. Our translators have good knowledge in the power transmission fields - engineering, procurement, tower testing, manufacturing and construction. We have translated research materials related to the development of Solar cells, rooftop solutions, bio-gas and bio-fuels, and other green initiatives in the renewable energy sector. On the contrary, we have been providing translation and transcription services to many clients in the petrochemical industry - such as Petroleum Mexico (PEMEX), British Pertroleum (BP), Hindustan Petroleum (HP), ROSNEFT. For these petroleum giants, we have translated oil rig documentation, environmental impact reports, technical data sheets, safety instructions, geological studies, and best practices for employees working on oil rigs.
Technical and linguistic accuracy of communication is of utmost importance for the underlying business irrespective of the domain. Be it automotive, aerospace, industrial equipment, heavy electricals, chemical, etc. Choosing a technical linguist may seem like a difficult task when so much is at stake. We at Erudite Translators follow best industry practices while dealing with technical translation. We employ best linguists whose skill-set matches that of the underlying job at hand. So, whether you have training and maintenance material to be translated for your globally diversified workforce or need to provide multilingual customer support for your business, Erudite Translators have a complete range of technologies and services to support all your business needs.
There are specific regulatory and confidentiality hurdles that global financial firms have to deal with when communicating with stakeholders worldwide. Irrespective of the financial services you cater to your customers, the base theme is - take care of your customers, maintain confidentiality, and meet regulatory requirements. Erudite Translators understand all these business requirements and thus offer complete financial linguistic solutions to cater all your translation needs. We offer wide range of financial translation and transcription solutions ranging from translation of documents related to corporate finance, investment management, annual reports, shareholder reports, IPO documentation, fund fact sheets, RFPs, Financial instruments, forex, etc. We also provide interpreting services, which includes both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. Thus, no matter what your specific niche is in the financial world, we at Erudite Translators have a custom build solution just for you.
Erudite Translators is the linguistic partner to several government organizations and contractors. These organizations trust us in providing high volume jobs with quick turnarounds. We provide one stop solution to government organisation ranging from translation, transcription and interpreting services. So, now there is no need of calling one vendor for interpreting needs, another for translation services, and still another for transcription requirements. We provide complete language services suite!
We also provide language support in the fields of Insurance and retail banking. This includes translation of insurance forms, claims, financial reporting and accounting policies, life and retirement policies, property casualty documentation, etc.
In this age of growing cooperation between countries on the economic front, there has been an ever increasing need for legal translation. Legal translation is extremely challenging as it involves translating very specific terminology which requires core understanding of the underlying legal framework.Incorrect translation can lead to miscarriage of justice.. Erudite Translators is well aware of the nuances and sensitivity of legal documents. Therefore, we employ linguist who have a degree in law or have relevant legal expertise to translate documents such as - court documentation, patents, lawsuits, medical claims, insurance claims, terms and conditions, etc.
Market Research
Erudite Translators is a one step provider for all your marketing needs. We have specialists who can do market research, prepare marketing material, and translate it into different languages. We regularly translate questionnaires, quiz, research material, brochures, and websites for clients all over the globe. Seeking a goof marketing translator is often very challenging - reason being - marketing translation involved both translation and localization. A word to word translation never works with the marketing material. Literal translations of the marketing content can be disastrous for your marketing campaigns. We employ linguist with relevant marketing expertise who who have deep very understanding of the target language and audience. We can also translate SEO material, keywords, and post to relevant search engines in different countries. All in all, we can execute SEO campaigns for various languages and counties as per your needs. We can even help create your presence in social media by carrying out multilingual social media campaigns.
Medicine and Pharmacy
Medical and pharmaceuticals industry is one of the leading industries in the world today. They are subject to various laws and regulations concerning patenting, safety, efficacy, testing and marketing. Huge amount of research work goes into finding new medicines that treat diseases and create vaccinations. Erudite Translators is helping its clients translate clinical trials, research material, medical patents, case history, etc. We employ medical specialist linguist to translate medical documentation. We have been translating product information templates (PIL) and summary of product characteristics (SPC) as per European Medicines Agency (EMA) regulations for clients such as GlaxoSmithKline, Dr. Reddy's Lab, Novartis, Merck & Co., Sanofi, Ranbaxy, etc.
Telecommunications industry touches number of areas including cabling, switching, transmission, EPC, RF and optical communication, media and IP. The advance of internet have revolutionized telecommunications sector. Various existing country specific telecom players are now trying to beat the competition and are looking for merger and takeover opportunities to exploit new markets. Asia and Africa has huge untapped potential as far as telecom industry is concerned. Here. the growing population has resulted in an increase in telecom users at a rapid rate. Future growth prospects are even better. To tap this potential, big telecom players from Europe and USA are trying to strike deals with local telecom players. They bring their technical knowhow and in turn get the existing customer base of the local players. Erudite Translators have linguist who have good working knowledge of telecom industry. We regularly translate RFPs, tenders, technical documentation, M&A documentation for telecom giants all over the globe.
Tourism industry is predicted to grow at a humongous rate in the next decade. With so many tourists researching new destinations and making online reservations for hotels, cabs, airlines, etc. everyday, is your website and marketing material readily available to your potential leads in common world languages? Moreover, converting a lead is one thing, and making him a loyal customer is a different ballgame altogether. For this, it is must to provide all the communication (phone, emails, etc) in customer's native language. Moreover, once they visit a foreign land, good tourist guides or interpreters must be made available for them to enjoy their travel to the fullest. Erudite Translators provide complete linguist support for travel and hospitality industry. We have translated in flight magazines, travel brochures, documentation for hospitality industry, travel agency websites, etc. Our innovative solutions will provide you tools to make new customers. We also provide interpreters and tourist guides to travelers in India.