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Professional transcription services


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Professional transcription services

At Erudite Translators, we provide transcription services in all global languages and in various domains. All your transcripts are professionally produced, while assuring the quality, and are delivered on time as per your requirements. You can either invite our transcribers to your meetings or we can work from your recorded audios, making our transcription services suit your needs. [distance1]

Timecoded transcription

Most of the clients request timecoded transcriptions. Timecodes placed adjacent to the text helps with subtitling, or with meeting minutes, telephonic recordings, etc. We provide timecoded transcription services to our clients. [distance1]

Audio translation

Many of our clients request audio translations which involve translation of speech (which is in one language) to text in other language. We offer this service in two different ways - [distance1] a. One step process - This involves direct translation of the source audio into target language text i.e. Source Language Audio -> Target Language Text. This is reccommended when the client requires only the target language text. [distance1] b. Two step process - This involves one intermediate step i.e. Source Language Audio -> Source Language Text -> Target Language Text. This is requested by our clients when they need transcripts in both the source and target languages. [distance1]

Fast turnaround transcription

Different clients have different needs when it comes to transcription turnaround times. Some clients need back the transcripts very quickly, and there are others who don't have that kind of urgency. We understand this and that's why we provide our clients with multiple turnaround time options ranging from highly urgent service to a usual turnaround time of 4 business days. Ofcourse, the turnaround time depends on the nature of the audio/video, its quality, and length. Depending on these factors, we will provide our client with a quote comprising of the rate and turnaround time. [distance1] We donít use computer transcription or vast typing pools. The transcripts we send back to our clients are publishing perfect as we double check all transcripts before delivery. [distance1]

We are a leading provider of professional transcription services

Since our inception, weíve transcribed over 30,000 audio/video hours of interviews, lectures, speeches, meetings, press conferences, and police interviews, including some very important moments in world's history such as the UNESCO Conference of 178 countries for the Control on Illicit Trade of Tobacco Products, which was held in Seoul, South Korea. [distance1] Along with such high-profile projects, we have transcribed interviews for CNN, phone recordings for Valbury Capitals, case hearings and police investigation interviews for TNT Express Global Investigation, marketing interviews for Coca Cola. Our team comprises of professional transcribers in all domains and languages ranging from business/commerce to pharmaceuticals to technical/engineering. [distance1]

Contact Us

To learn more about our transcription services, or to discuss your upcoming requirements, please call us at +91 - 94625 70085 or email us at [distance1] [ourclients title="Our Clients"] air france T Systems valbury Stewarts alw LLP Pemex norton rose medtronic McCANN LG kyorin Korean Tourism Organization hyundai ge energy E&Y Dr reddy Dorchester COllection BP Beretta badoo [/ourclients] [distance1]